IPL Hair Reduction


How long do you think you spend shaving per year? Are you sick of waxing? The average woman spends about 24 hours of shaving each year and let’s not even think about those painful waxing appointments.  These traditional hair removal methods only provide very temporary results, some even less than one day, so it’s not long before you’re taking ANOTHER long shower with that blunt razor you forgot to replace last time.  This winter we have a solution for you, one that’s more convenient and actually more affordable.    IPL Hair Reduction (Intense Pulsed Light). 

On average, it would cost you approximately $1530 to wax your legs over two years. With IPL, a course of up to 8 treatments costs $1440.  It might sound like a lot but let’s not forget the very important keywords, long-term results. Visible light from our Apollo IPL machine is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and converted to heat, destroying the hair follicle.  Say goodbye to running a razor over tender skin, monthly waxing appointments, prickly regrowth, and ingrown hairs, because you can finally be rid of that unwanted hair that has bothered you for so long!  Up until September we are also offering exclusive discounts on our IPL courses. Instead of costing you $1440 to become hair free on your legs,

These SPECIAL prices inclued 8 treatment sessions.

$472 Bikini + Underarms 
$792 Brazilian + Underarms 
$1272 1/2 Leg, Bikini + Underarm 
$1592 1/2 Leg, Brazilian + Underarm

But why choose IPL over laser hair removal? And why shouldn’t you purchase one of the many cheaper deals out there?

To answer your first question, technically both use light to treat the skin. However, IPL uses a full spectrum of light with different wavelengths to reach the hair follicles that sit at different depths of the skin. Laser only uses one wavelength, so only reaches one particular depth, potentially missing hair growth at other levels. ​

Do you still need some convincing? If you tick all the boxes below then you are the perfect candidate!

  • You are currently regularly waxing or shaving
  • You get frustrated having to remember to shave
  • Monthly waxing appointments are time-consuming, painful, or you’ve never had one because of the former reasons.
  • You’re not pregnant
  • Your skin tone is fair to medium (IPL only works on certain skin tones and hair colours)
  • You want to feel the freedom this summer!